Top 5 Design Trends in 2017

Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2017

Graphic design trends change from year to year similar to style trends in the fashion industry.  Speaking of which, who decided bell-bottoms were back in style?  Not all trends fade away, but sometime new trends pop up quickly.  So what are the styles to watch out for in 2017?

Here are some of the edgiest design styles!


Minimalism is not a new concept but it has taken hold as the most solid concept in modern design.  This style has become popularized in both graphic and web design.  It places the viewer’s the focus on a single point, while at the same time eliminating all irrelevant background noise.  This design trend is so popular it has spread to interior design as well.  In fact, some view it as entire lifestyle choice.

In a minimalist design, there are no other elements vying for attention, but rather, the whole design acts as a frame to draw focus to the centerpiece. Stripping away all but the essential elements of a design gives more meaning to what’s there.  This bare-bones take on simplicity makes it endearing because it’s just simply ‘easy on the eyes’.

If you were to bottle up the feeling of a minimalist design – it’s like that feeling you get when you snuggle into a freshly made bed with crisp clean sheets.


Big Type

One of the latest trends in design is BIG TYPE.  It’s all about maximum impact!  Kind of like minimalism’s rebellious cousin.  This style is for making a big statement.  Big type is all about impact and drama.  The bigger, the better.  So big, in fact, the type can extend outside the bounds of the graphic image or have whole parts chopped off.

According to this trend, text isn’t just for reading—it’s for making a statement. Look out for big, bold type that’s the center of attention. This design element can create drama through size, but also through color, texture, and arrangement.

It’s this year’s newest and fastest growing trend.  It’s SO new, in fact, that it doesn’t have an official design term yet.  Some designers call this trend “Big Font”, “Large Text”, or “Big, Bold Type”.  I like big type and I cannot lie.


In our digitally saturated world, it’s not a stretch to assume there would be a shortage of hand-made designs, but this style is going strong well into the year. The very fact that it’s hand-crafted is what brings value and appeal to this design trend.  The imperfect human element  is what brings an unexpected joy to a design.

This style is all about simple charm.  Little irregularities and imperfections are key traits in this trend.  Hand made designs are able with the viewer in a way that no other design concept can achieve.


Duotone has skyrocked to popularly, primarily due to the recent Spotify rebranding.  As implied by its name, duotone utilizes two just tones of colors.  If there is text visible, it usually adds a complimentary third color to the mix.  The effect, which uses a pair of colors over a photo is striking, fun and vibrant. It’s also quite trendy, with new sites changing to a duotone format almost daily.  The effect can spice up an overused image, add a unique element when one is lacking and help engage users visually.

Duotone actually has its roots in traditional print design but technique has found new life online.  The name “Duotone” comes from a printing process which uses  two color plates on a printing press.


Lowpoly has been steadily growing in popularity for a long time now.  If you’re not familiar with the term, you’ve certainly seen the style.  Lowpoly art is basically a mesh of polygons and simple angular geometric shapes.  The “poly” in low poly comes from the word “polygon,” which is merely a 2-dimensional shape made of straight lines and angles.  The style lends a modern, sometimes futuristic, feeling to a design.

Designs can be either 2D or 3D.  This design concept is incredibly versatile an is gaining popularity in wide range of design fields include graphic design, web design, animation, video game design, interior design, and sculpture.

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